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Collision Damage Waiver Insurance

Why should I take Excess Cover?

Do I have to take Excess cover?
No, Excess is a voluntary insurance. You have three choices:
• You can decline Excess cover. If you do subsequently have damage to the vehicle or it is stolen, you will be liable for the Excess charge.
• You can purchase the car rental company’s Excess cover, which is sold at the counter when you collect the car. It generally costs between £6 and £12 a day and covers Excess on theft and damage to the vehicle. It generally excludes: damage to the undercarriage and window and tyre damage.
• You can purchase a policy from Insurance4carhire or Daily Excess. Insurance4carhire or Daily Excess Annual Excess Policies commence at £49.99 for the Europe Policy and £65 for the Excess Worldwide 31 Policy, daily policies from around £4.99 per day are also available. They cover you for: Excess on damage to the vehicle, Excess on theft, and damage to windows, tyres, the undercarriage and the roof.

• Why do I need an Excess Policy?
In the UK and Europe, and other countries such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, the car rental price includes CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), Third Party Liability and Theft. There is almost always an Excess on the CDW and theft, ranging from £500 and £1,600. The car rental company sells Excess cover at the counter, increasingly known as "Super CDW". This Excess cover generally costs between £6 and £12 per day.

Insurance4carhire or Daily Excess Annual Excess Policies start at £49.00 for Europe and allow unlimited use in the course of the year, or from just £4.50 per day.

• Are other people travelling with me covered?
Yes, if using Insurance4carhire or Daily Excess Annual Excess Policies cover the policyholder, who must always be the person renting the car, and all drivers named on the car rental agreement, up to a maximum of seven.

• What is covered by the Theft insurance included in the car rental price?
The theft insurance provided by the car rental company covers theft of the rental vehicle only. It does not cover your personal effects, which would normally be covered by either your travel insurance or your household insurance. There is generally an Excess on the theft portion of the rental. It is this Excess which is covered by Insurance4carhire or Daily Excess Annual Excess Policies.

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